Yves Bercion, né le 28 janvier 1966 à Bordeaux, marié , 4 enfants.

12, Grippière II, 97170 Petit Bourg , Guadeloupe



tel: 0690404705


SIRET  789 937 547 00014


Studies Engineer at Université des Antilles (UA), he works in a joint service of characterization of materials where it provides assistance to users of the equipment of the center (electron microscopes, Raman spectrometer ray diffractometer X).


Within the association "Maison Caribéenne de la Photographie" whose mission is to promote photography in the Caribbean, he held the position of  President.


Member of the Cultural Committee of Guadeloupe pole of the UAG, he hosted the workshop photography, where it offers weekly activities for students and staff around digital photography.

His artistic activity is located in the field of digital arts, this includes interactive digital installations, 3D, photography. His approach is characterized by an experimental research using new media, using video, photography, recent image processing technologies such as facial recognition, creation of 3D universe, sound techniques. Interactivity with the audience is the major characteristic of his works, the visitor, the viewer becomes fully actor of the work, often in a playful way.

His current study theme is identity, individual identity which each individual builds it and puts it into action personally, each individual builds his own identity that makes it different from other cultural identity where individuals share report common patterns with society, social identity, national identity, the man and his relation to the environment. These topics are discussed in very close relationship with societal concerns encountered in Guadeloupe.


10 Juillet – 28 Aout 2015, festival Caribéen de l'image, MACTE pointe à pitre , interactive installation "breaking Bad"

4 avril 2014, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas Embryo, vidéo Red Rain

5-18 octobre 2013, Art Bemao, première exposition d'art numérique en Guadeloupe.

26 avril 2013, Pointe à Pitre, "Shiva dance", installation interactive.

15-23 décembre 2012, Artocarpe Le Moule, exposition collective des artistes de l'artocarpe.

1-9 décembre 2012, la galerie à St François, Guadeloupe, "Bouddha light", installation optique.

24 mai au 7 juin 2012, Pavillon de la ville de Point à Pitre, "Code du Code Noir"installation numérique interactive lors de l'exposition "Premiers Achats Mémorial Acte".

25-30 mai 2012, Artocarpe Le Moule, exposition collective (M.Spire - J.M.Philibert - Y.Bercion -H.Valenzuela)

9-12 mars 2012 , New York, "Sous le sable ...", installation vidéo interactive avec H. Valenzuella, Pool Art Fair.

16 décembre 2011, Baie Mahaut,  "Artisanat" , vidéo interactive à l'occasion du concours régional de la création d'entreprise.

26 novembre 2011, Basse Terre, "Anamorphose 44", installation vidéo interactive lors de l'exposition collective " 44 Jou Retwospktiv ".

4 juin 2011, Pointe à pitre,  "Identité nationale" , vidéo interactive à l'occasion des 10 ans de l'Association des Jeunes Chercheurs en Guadeloupe.

19 novembre 2009, Pointe à pitre,   "Histoire de l'astronomie", exposition dans le cadre de la "Fête de la science"





Breaking Bad, 2015


The Guadeloupe is one of the deadliest French departments.

Almost all of these facts take place in the sphere familialle , friendly or neighborhood . These are not the vicious murders but rather the result of despair , especially young people , unemployed, hopeless.


I wanted to express my feelings about this violence with the assistance of a video game, a " shoot them up " where the player must shoot from skulls for maximum points , faces appear , it is the people close to the player to the game, if he shoots on it's " game Over "






 Echappée, 2015


In this work I wanted to express the course of my thoughts during nightlife.

I tried to shape the path of my ideas, my joys , my sorrows my fears ..

The photos were taken at the wheel of my car when I go home alone at night.